Corona status

We are currently receiving several inquiries about security of supply and opening hours and would like to assure you that RR PRINT A/S will stay open, and that our warehouse is stocked with goods enabling us to help keep the machines in the graphic industry spinning.

Specific for packaging and label printing:
It is important that you continue to print packaging and labels for the food and medicine manufacturers to secure food on the shelves in our supermarkets and medicines at the pharmacies. Without labels and packaging, this becomes difficult.

So yes, – we have plenty of goods in stock.

For all other printing companies:
Newspapers, magazines, instructions, brochures etc. – there are lots of items to print. Even when the world is struggling with covid-19. We will help keep your machinery running.

And yes, – we have plenty of goods in stock.

Our freight forwarders are on the road delivering goods every day. We may, however, expect delays on international shipments due to increased border control and possible capacity problems.

Our recommendation:
Be prepared for some delays just-in-case, and order your goods in due time.
Make sure to keep a slightly larger inventory than usually.

We help reduce and delay the spread of infection and already in week 11, we implemented the following measures:

No external contacts have access to offices, warehouses, goods receipt or shipments.
All goods receipt and shipments take place outside the gate to our warehouse.
You can still collect your goods at our warehouse, but please call/write prior to your arrival, so that we can agree on a pick-up time.

Increased hygiene both at work and at home
We follow the hygiene advice from the Danish Health Authorities.

Handling of goods
Outer packaging (e.g. shrink wrap) is removed and disposed of at reception and prior to storage.
Goods and documentation are handled with disposable gloves both on arrival and shipping.

All our travel activities and meetings have been canceled until 11th May.
We follow the advice of the Health Authorities and do our best to limit personal contact.

If you have any questions, please contact Heidi Graff at or mobile +45 29290661.

We do our utmost to keep the machines in our industry cheerfully spinning – and to reduce the spread of infection – and hope that we will all get through this crisis as best we can.

Stay strong!

Your sincerely