Goodies from Rotoflex

At 10:44pm last night, Mads sent me a couple of movie clips.
Actually, I had already gone to bed watching Deadline on DR2 (my favorite fall-asleep-program).

Mads was very happy.
Well, he quite often is… 🙂

But this was because he had made some test runs on a new Rotoflex VLI600 slitter that same day.
On a machine that we recently installed with Dan Labels.

A very fast machine!

And Mads wanted to share this with me.

Have a look at this:


I just wanted you to see one of the movie clips also.

This Rotoflex VLI600 runs more than 600 m per minute.
On some teasy 23 microns PET.
But 600 m per minute – that’s serious business!

I understand why Mads wanted to share this.

If you need a fast machine that cuts both film and paper, talk to Mads or myself.

Yes – Rotoflex is (finally!) back.

And yes – RR PRINT A/S is a Rotoflex dealer!

And yes – we will tell you more after the summer holidays.

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