Interview with our new partner Codimag

Who is Codimag?

Codimag produces waterless offset anilox inking systems for the label and packaging industry. Waterfree offset – Aniflo – combines the best of all three technologies in one machine:

  • offset quality
  • flexo productivity
  • digital flexibility

Heidi has interviewed Benoit Demol, CEO of Codimag and printing nerd, to get answers to some of the things you are probably also wondering about when we choose to introduce waterfree offset on the Nordic market.

When contacted by Benoit, Heidi’s immediate reaction was: “Naaaaah, we HAVE played with dry offset many years ago – I wasn’t impressed”.

…fast forward to today, where Heidi is convinced that Aniflo is a super-strong card for printers who find that their earnings are under pressure (and who doesn’t experience that?) – and who can position themselves in the market with a better and/or more flexible technology that even provides more money on the bottom line. It’s a no-brainer (Heidi’s words).

Read the interview here >>>

We will be running an online demo for our Nordic customers mid-December 2021. The webinar will last a total of one hour and include a presentation, live demo from the printing press and Q&A session.
If you want to watch the demo, sign up here

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