Midway report from drupa

Good morning to you 🙂

On this 6th day of drupa here is an extra little service to you, – a midway report.

If you are or have already been down here, you know that the weather is wet and hot, the beer is wet and cold and the exhibition is exciting, well-visited and quite busy.

If you are on your way down here, remember to bring comfortable shoes (because you will be walking a lot of kilometres – on an average around 12 kilometres a day) and possibly, an umbrella. The weather is a bit unstable, to say the least.
We have found some quite interesting products here at the exhibition, that we look forward to telling you much more about when the show is over:

For instance the anilox cleaning system AEROMAID, which received the 2016 FTA Technical Innovation Award for “remarkable efficiency, unparalleled accuracy and unrivalled repeatability, regardless of line screen or cell dimensions. Using innovative, affordable, eco-friendly and waterless technology, consistent cleaning performance, roll after roll is achieved. Its patented head measures the roll before cleaning to determine the right amount of detergent to use, minimizing fluid consumption for substantial savings.”

Yes, we are (also) impressed.

And how about the insanely impressive laser activated pigments. This may sound a little tricky, but basically it means that your printing plant will print using a special opaque white (containing special laser activated pigments) on a label or a box.

Your customers will then utilise lasers installed on their filling and packaging lines to print batch numbers, QR codes, dates, contents or whatever they wish, by activating the pigments of the opaque white with laser light.

The photo below shows you some of the possibilities. So far, the technique only works with black. However, very soon pigments will be available in other colours. All you need is a laser with different frequencies to activate the different pigments in the colour.

If you are printing boxes, you know that one of the challenges of laser cutting is creasing. You can cut with laser – and by burning off a bit of the carton you can even crease; but this is not always the best solution. Therefore, a lot of laser cutting manufacturers are working hard to find new creasing solutions.

We experienced one of these yesterday – and it works flawlessly:

First you run the sheets into a creasing machine that creases in the direction of travel. Then creasing lines are applied in the other direction and finally the sheets go directly into the laser cutter for the final procedure. And here you go… the box is finished and ready for the gluing line.

Laser cutting burns off everything leaving no tags, and “breaking” the cut sheets apart will not be necessary. The waste is removed automatically after the laser cutting while the finished box continues on the conveyor belt or directly into a gluing line.

Have a look at this picture – this shows (the backside) of the finished sheet after laser cutting.
laserstanset ark
And now we’ve come to the end of our midway report. We have lots of other nerderies for you, but you shouldn’t get it all at once, right?

If you want to know more about any of the above, just let us know.

We would like to tell you all about it.

Are you on your way to drupa right now?

Find our stand numbers and our cell phone numbers here – call us – we would love to meet up 

Mads, Kim og Heidi