Our customers say

Below you will find quotes from some of our many talented customers. But you may find thesedetailed case studies even more intereesting:

"Heidi has a lot of experience from other companies in our industry, making us use her as a consultant. Listening to her qualified advice has ensured that we have chosen the right solution from the very beginning. In addition, Heidi has a high level of technical knowledge, which allows for my technical staff to discuss problems and solutions with her. We have used RR PRINT as a product developer several times to produce a special coating or colour suitable for a unique project. It is positive that RR PRINT is a small and close organization. This makes us feel like a top-prioritised customer. The service level is very high and Heidi always answers the phone 😊"
Lars Ole Nauta
CEO - FlexoPrint A/S / H&P Etiketten GmbH / TOM Etiketten GmbH
"We have tested several matt varnishes, and RR PRINT's are by far the best. Their support is very fast and delivery times are always short. Definitely our preferred supplier."
Jukka Vallin
Production Manager - Boxon Systems AB
"Let me just state that I am fully satisfied with your service/advice and that I would recommend you to other collaborators anytime"
Michael Junker
Danfoss PolyPower A/S


"The Cobra kit for deep cleaning of aniloxes works perfectly!! The effect is really good - we clean colors from our rollers and remove striping problems in our printed matters."
Thomas Falk-Sørensen
Production Manager - Berry Superfos Printing
"We used to have problems with foaming or ink spitting in our chambered doctor blade systems and had tried out many different inks that did not work the way they should have. Until RR print came up with the solution: We could "just" design an ink series that was better suited to being used in a chambered doctor blade system. We ran a couple of tests until we found the right series – so we did not have problems and did not lose production speed. We have been using this series for a couple of years now and are ready to make the next step – wherever it may take us. One of the wonderful things about RR print is their modesty; they do not just come to us and say that they know and can do everything. They only say that they will do everything that is in their power to find a solution by using their many contacts or by running several rounds of tests. They have indeed found the essence of the graphic industry – namely to be able to help each other! You see, we are such a small industry in Denmark that we should indeed stick together, and it is our suppliers that are the link that binds us all together!"
Jakob Abildgaard
Dan Labels A/S
"We experienced major problems with curling in a new UV-flexo production. To put it straight, it worked like s... and our costs to cover customer complaints increased significantly. It was difficult to get qualified advice from our competent partners, and we felt very much alone in finding solutions. It seems that most of the products from Pulse are better than the products we used earlier. We get a more qualified technical expertise and a more serious approach to the ongoing challenges – and let’s not forget the personal relationship. I would not recommend RR PRINT to our competitors; they will have to settle for the less competent ink suppliers! :-)"
Anonymous UV-flexo customer
“Our collaboration with RR PRINT builds on their understanding of the fact, that we as partners have a common task to solve. RR PRINT knows Interket very well and always acts with an utterly high level of service, exactly when we need it. Prices and quality enables Interket to survive in the very strong competition, and we are always left with the impression that we are their most important customer. At the same time, Interket experiences much willingness to find workable solutions, also outside the normal product range, whenever there is a need for innovative solutions to new product opportunities. We do not see the collaboration as a customer/supplier relationship – more as a true partnership”
Torben Hansen
Production Leader - Interket A/S
"RR PRINT provides an unsurpassed service! The new inks were introduced in a good and convincing way - both the practical and the financial part. I must admit that to begin with I didn’t quite believe in it, because I've heard the story many times before. But just today I mixed eight Pantone colours using the new inks and prescriptions and I have to say that it's hard to stop smiling. No colour adjustment at all, they all worked in the first run"
Lars Peter Schrøder Madsen
Grafiket A/S
"In connection with doctor blades and various equipment for doctor blade chamber systems, we have reviewed the possibilities and have tested and selected a number of doctor blades thereby accomplishing many improvements. We experience RR PRINT as being close to the customer and always available; They have a large portfolio, and they possess full knowledge of products and alternatives. We get good advice, good ideas and solutions to any problem whatsoever. Recommended for anyone who needs graphic advice"
Martin Fundal
Scanket A/S
"It's hard to find a double-sided high gloss coating, but eventually we identified ProCoate High Gloss 45 from RR PRINT, which enabled a smooth print on both sides of the sheets. We haven’t received a single complaint related to the coating; it’s very stable. It is nice to work with a small company, because the service is different and more personal. It's never difficult to get hold of RR PRINT. I would recommend RR PRINT to anyone producing boxes"
Mikael Jönsson
Team Leader - August Faller A/S
"We are completely impressed! Especially with the perforating unit. We even recommended it to the agent of MB folding machines. AWESOME!"
Sten-Göran Ewert
S-M Ewert AB
"Yes, we have tried the new stroboscope and are quite pleased. Handy and easy to use....."
Tom Undheim
Print Manager - Ålgård Offset AS
"Avis-Tryk and Erritsø Tryk both look at the whole when choosing supplier. The parameters upon which we evaluate our suppliers are: Price, quality, consistency in deliveries, collaboration and billing. It is important for us that the entire value chain is working, as this saves us time.."
Gert Nielsen
Adm. Direktør - JP/Politikens Hus
"RR PRINT was recommended to us by a colleague working with the same coating machine as us. One of the things we have appreciated the most through our cooperation with RR PRINT is the very professional advice. We had very limited experience with coatings when purchasing our coating machine, and hence it was essential for the result that we purchased not only the right type of coating, but also received some valuable advice on the various types of coatings. When we eventually saw big problems related to set-off on certain types of boxes, RR PRINT instantly stepped in as advisor and quickly organised the delivery of different coatings for testing. When this did not initially solve our problem, printed sheets were sent to the coating manufacturer and they came up with a solution which both we and our customers are very pleased with. Therefore I recommend RR PRINT as partner for everyone in the graphic industry in need of high-quality coatings and professional advice"
Henning Jonsen
Production Coordinator - Nordisk Digital Emballage/Eurographic
"We contacted RR PRINT when we experienced some problems with set-off and scratches on our printed matters. Especially printed matters with the sensitive blister coating were very challenging. We were recommended to try RR Powder+, and this has now become the only powder used in our production as we have seen improvements in virtually all our printed material. Our powder consumption has been significantly reduced - and in some cases halved. The round shape of the powder means that we no longer have to worry about the scratches we used to see. Our staff is very positive and as always, RR PRINT has been very helpful with advice and technical insight throughout the process. We highly recommend RR Powder +"
Henrik Petersen
Eson Pac Danmark
"Our cooperation with RR PRINT has been characterised by unusual promptness and flexibility and lots of understanding for Etiflex's production conditions. RR PRINT is a partner who has paid plenty of attention to helping us optimise our printing and finishing, and the transition to their printing inks has been entirely trouble-free. RR PRINT is always quick to get acquainted with the various problems experienced by Etiflex and provides extensive and very personal service. I would like to recommend RR PRINT to everyone in need of a competent and reliable partner."
Brian Sandgaard
Owner - Etiflex A/S
"Now I've tested the stroboscope a bit, it works terrific and it's very easy to use!"
Mats Alexander Huseby