About us

We want to be one of the world's best suppliers of printing inks, varnishes, machinery, and technical equipment for the graphic industry.

We know that no manufacturer is a world champion at everything - that's why we pick the very best products from some of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment for our market.

Although we market varnishes from several big brands, sometimes a special treat is needed. Something better. Something different. Something, where we have even better control of the production and of the product properties. Hence, we analysed market demand and decided to develop our own varnish. The ProCoate series are bulletproof varnishes that are advanced, designed-to-fit, and reliable. Varnishes without compromises. Varnishes that the professional printer can trust.

And that's how you get the very best from one supplier – RR PRINT A/S.

This is what we offer

With us you get a comprehensive program of printing inks, varnishes, rollers, machinery, and other technical equipment. You get exactly what you need so that you and your machines can perform at their very best.

Heidi og Kim


We have a broad network ranging from skilled manufacturers of equipment for the newspaper industry over sheet offset and cardboard to narrow web and printed electronics.

RR PRINT A/S was founded in 1968 and is today owned by Kim Rasmussen & Heidi Graff. 

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