LabelExpo 2023 – meet RR PRINT in Brussels!

Calling all printing enthusiasts!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dive into a world full of innovative printing solutions? Well, we have some exciting news for you… Team RR PRINT is on its way to LabelExpo 2023, and we are really looking forward to meeting you!

We will be in Brussels from 11 to 14 September, where the air is buzzing with excitement and we are ready to show you our many advanced printing solutions. RR PRINT attends LabelExpo for the sake of our esteemed customers, and we are thrilled to extend this invitation to you. It's not just about the Expo, it's about the journey, the experiences and the shared passion for print that brings us all together!

And exactly where will you find RR PRINT at the exhibit? We will mainly be available at Pulse Stand 3C64 i Hal 3, but if you have trouble finding us or if you just want to say hi, please call. Heidi (+45 29290661), Kim (+45 29295661) or Marcus (+45 29298141) will be more than happy to guide you.

Remember that LabelExpo isn’t just an event where professionals meet – it is a celebration of ‘everything in print’. We look forward to seeing you, talking about our shared passion, and exploring the future of print together.

See you in Brussels!

Ready to dive into the world of innovative printing solutions? 
Call us now to arrange a meeting at LabelExpo 2023!

Find us and our collaboration partners here:

3C64   PULSE – UV, LED og vand flexofarve og lak

3C15   SMAG – Screen, tryk og forædling, RFID, færdiggørelsesmaskiner

3D18   VFP Ink Technologies – UV screen farver og lak

4C45   Rotoflex – Skære- og inspektionsmaskiner

4C74   Unilux – Stroboskoper

4B22  Serame – Automation, turrets, re- og unwinders

5A03   Eukalin – Lim

5B05   Praxair – Aniloxer

6A44   Recyl – Rens af aniloxer og maskindele

7C45   Durst – Inkjet

7E20  Radior Metallic Inks

9A55   FlexoConcepts – Plastrakler

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