Let's make flexo printing simple again!

Something has been cooking for a while. It's about making the complex simple. It's all about speed, reliability, and consistency. It's about pit stops in Formula 1 and how this relates to your printing machines.

Pit stop – yep, you heard right!

Those precious seconds where the car pits, gets a tire change, refuels, and then shoots back into the race with the speed of light.

Imagine what it would be like if your printing machines could conduct equally impressive pit stops?

Stability, reliability, speed!

Exactly what we offer.

We're here to make flexo printing simple. We find that too many make it way too complicated.

Which it doesn't have to be.

With standardized spot colours as easy as CMYK, lightning-fast colour matching, and colour mixing it's not just a dream.

Let us make your printing machines run like a racing car; let's make a pit stop that will make even the fastest Formula 1 pit crew proud.

Let's make flexo printing simple again!

Feel free to share with your network if you too think that flexo printing should become easier.

In the long run of life, it's not just about how fast you drive, but also how quickly you get going again after a stop.

You will never get back the time you wasted standing still.


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