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At RR PRINT A/S, we are very passionate about coatings and dedicated to helping printers achieve their best results with our wide range of functional coatings for the printing industry. We combine technical expertise and a deep knowledge of coatings to deliver exceptional products and a service which will optimize your printing processes and improve your production quality.

You, and printers like you, have an ever-increasing demand for bullet proof varnishes. Varnishes with no compromises. Varnishes you can trust.

We market varnishes from several big brands, but sometimes something special is needed. Something better. Something different. Something, where we have even better control of the production and of the product properties. Hence, we analysed market demand and decided to invent our own varnish, ProCoate. An advanced and designed-to-fit reliable varnish for professional printers.

Choose between water-based, uv-based and uv-led based varnishes. Within these three categories there are more to choose from: Are you looking for Food Packaging Compliant varnishes, or varnishes for industrial use? There is a difference if you want to make labels for food packaging or if you make boxes for automobile spare parts.

Have a look in our ProCoate webshop - and call us if in doubt!

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