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Varnish is an important part of RR PRINT. So important that we develop and produce our very own series - ProCoate.

We develop varnishes for you and in collaboration with you. Our huge (and still growing) program of varnishes includes UV, UV-LED and waterbased varnishes for both food packaging and industrial use (which is anything non-food).

We know why it makes a difference whether your thermal varnish contains wax or only silicone. Providing you with the version that makes YOUR production run the best - and safest. So that your customers do not complain that they cannot print on your labels.

You can get varnishes that make film and foil feel like paper and produce an "eco" feel.

You can get barrier varnishes for direct food contact, which replace PE-coated cardboard.

You can get printable varnishes that look perfect on your digital print.

Or you may need a very special primer?

Or a varnish with an almost improbable high gloss?

Are you possibly struggling with a bit of wear and tear on a food varnish? Or do you need a varnish which can be used for tobacco packaging?

Perhaps your customer requires a very specific surface which must also be water resistant? Or should it shine like a pearl?

Or hey - the surface of the package must have an extra high friction, such that the packages do not slide around during transport, on a warehouse pallet, or in a store?

Should the varnish be able to withstand deep freezing temperatures or be used on a trawler in a wet and cold environment? Should it be used for pharmaceutical packaging, or for soda ice cream?

Call us on +45 44 52 24 66 or e-mail info@rr-print.dk.

We very much welcome your questions and challenges and look forward to helping you.

All-purpose varnishes

We help you find the varnish that solves the challenges in your production. We develop, test, match, adjust, and deliver with a smile! Because that is how a good collaboration works...

Our huge program of varnishes includes UV, UV-LED, and water-based varnishes for both food packaging and industrial (e.g. labels for washer fluid, magazine covers and boxes for nuts or make-up).

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