Pulse Roll Label Products shares insights into revolutionary Fixed Anilox Printing

Pulse Roll Label Products (Pulse), a leading supplier of UV flexo inks for the global label printing industry, has shared its insight to Fixed Anilox Printing – a game-changing technique to simplify and standardise UV flexo label printing.

Fixed Anilox Printing uses Pulse’s specially formulated PureTone range of high strength single-pigment inks alongside a bespoke colour mixing database. The system enables printers to produce any imaginable spot colour all off one volume of anilox – meaning a fixed set can be installed and the rollers do not need changing between jobs.

Fixed Anilox Printing has already demonstrated its success in many leading label companies, helping them standardise, maximise capacity, and save time and considerable cost, while ensuring perfect printing with minimum effort.

Gary Seward, Managing Director of Pulse, comments: “Time and again we see our competitors’ inks requiring multiple aniloxes and many anilox changes to achieve consistent print performance because their inks are varying in strength. Changeovers are eating up capacity and cost unnecessarily.

“Simply put, with Fixed Anilox Printing, we’re removing variables from the print process so lines can run and run. One anilox, one set of inks, and a next generation mixing database ensure instant colour matching. With high speed make ready, up to a 30% reduction in ink consumption, increased uptime, and reduced overall capex in buying rollers, Fixed Anilox Printing changes the game.”

Most competitor inks are too weak and out of balance to use a low enough volume of anilox to produce all colours, but PureTone’s high strength bases, in combination with a fixed anilox, achieve right first-time printing with clean bright colours delivering a Delta E < 2 and higher print consistency, all as a result of the reduction in variables.

High strength formuleringen betyder, at PureTone farverne også kræver en lavere filmvægt. Det understøtter lavere risiko for migration, hurtigere tryk og færre fejl – og reducerer farveforbruget med op til 30 %, hvilket sparer yderligere omkostninger. PureTone farverne giver også øget fleksibilitet til tryk af halvtoner og fuldtoner med kun én plade.

Gary Seward adds: “Fixed Anilox Printing takes the flexographic industry into the 22nd century. With a mixing database supplied by Pulse, our recommended anilox, and our PureTone ink range, this system offers label printers a level of control and simplicity never seen before in the printing world; standardising spot colour printing and removing manual selection from the anilox process so that you use the right solution every time.

“Importantly, we’re changing over customers in under a week. The days of spending months trialling are over! You don’t need to be a printing guru to put this in place. We know that Fixed Anilox Printing works and the system is simple to understand and easy to implement. We’re excited to share this system with the industry and can’t wait to see how we can drive efficiencies and cost savings for more label printers.”

For more information about Pulse and PureTone, please visit pulserl.com pulserl.com

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